An Atlas of Commoning

Group exhibition
Opening 22th June 2018
In Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin Germany
An Atlas of Commoning

The show will premiere in Berlin in June next year at Kunstraum Bethanien, and will then tour around the world hosted by several IFA partner institutions. The basic idea is to tackle the notion of the Commons – or in other words: alternative models or collective ownership – by presenting a vast selection of artworks, films, architectural projects as well as various historical and contemporary case studies. These will include such unexpected juxtapositions as: Charles Fourier’s 19th century utopian model for a Phalànstere and today’s Empresas Recuperadas of Buenos Aires; utopian communes of the 1970’s and the Cypherpunk movement; indigenous models of land ownership and Occupy Wall Street, etc.

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Exhibition tour video [DE]

ATLAS OF COMMONING. Next exhibition opening: Pittsburgh, USA, June 29,2019


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