Berlin (Germany)

16 mm.


Premiere: Filmtage Oberhausen 1985

By Angelika Levi and Lilly Grote.

With Lilly Grote, Angelika Levi. 2 rats. Sound / Light: Fenna Heinrich. Music: Wahaha

After the short story of Franz Kafka “Unhappiness”. A young woman is visited by a ghost while vacuuming. Suddenly, her apartment is located in the cellar. They argue and the ghost leaves.

2 parallels meet in the infinite, says the one: “Go out of my way, you seem to have strayed.” Says the other: “For thousands of years I’ve been looking for a formula to find you, please do not send me away again.” The first one is already slightly pissed: “The destiny of a parallel is to be eternally alone, on the way to infinity.” “No, no,” the second one desperately screams: “One parallel is nothing, alone you are only an undefined line.“

a.levi ´83



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