Miete essen Seele auf

„Wohnungsfrage“ Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, 23.10. – 14.12. 2015.
„Monitoring“, Exhibition of Film- und Video Installations, Kassel, 16. 20.12.16.
„48 Stunden Neukölln“, Artfestival Berlin, 23.6.-25.6.2017

3 channel video installation, 65 min; production: celestefilm in colaboration with Weltfilm / ZDF arte / HKW.

MIETE ESSEN SEELE AUF is made for HKW exhibition „Housing Question.“ It is longer than the film version and has additional parts in it. In a non linear form, it considers spatial relations between collective and individualism, with film material collected during two years of neighbourly organised protests on the southern Kottbusser Tor.


The video installation MIETE ESSEN SEELE AUF documents during two years neighborly organizing and protest on the southern Kottbusser Tor. The installation links the housing problem to the history of migration and emphasizes a connection between racism and urban displacement.

During the night of May 26 in 2012, some residents of social housing at Kottbusser Tor, a majority German-Turkish neighbors, built a protest house. They called it “Gecekondu”, translated from Turkish means “built overnight”. With this occupation of a public square in the center of Kreuzberg, the tenants initiative Kotti & Co began a until now visible daily resistance, and brought the issue of social housing and the massive displacement of long-term residents of the city on the political agenda. People with very different biographies and politically different views began to talk to each other and to share their stories. The separations and prejudices gave way to a positive uncertainty, neighbours became friends. The “Cottbus Choir” features in the film, a radically postideological choir, arranged and musically composed by Nicholas Bussmann. The choir sees itself in the tradition of leftist amateur choirs, but the normally hierarchical structure of a choir is broken and a musical track reflects the subject of the film: the relationship between collective and individual.



Personal Geographies

Group exhibition.

Galery CIAT – Contemporary Institute for Art & Thought, Berlin, by A+M Bellu, Yara Haskiel, Angela Melitopoulos, 31.01. –  13.02.2016

Exhibition: 31.01. – 13.02.2016. Opening: 30.01. 19:00 Location: AgvA Contemporary Institute for Art & Thought, (C.I.A. & T) e.V. CIAT, Zossener Strasse 34, HH, Kreuzberg, 10961 Berlin


The itinerary of Personal Geographies relates to the heterogeneous territory—from the Black Sea, through the South and East of Europe to Germany—and to the transmission of memories in a timespan of the last century. The transmission of memories across these geographical and affective territories are captured through the oral histories and explored in the documents from personal and historical archives, and in the recordings of physical traces inscribed in the landscapes and architecture. The exhibition Personal Geographies entails four video-based works and an installation that register the traces of traumatic pasts without concealing the discontinuities of the memory processes, contradicting identity constructions, and different horizon of expectations of each new generation. The multi-layered narratives and autobiographical accounts spiced by humor offer different ways of reflecting on the sense of placement and displacement, as well as on the issue of historical blind spots related to the Second World War, its preludes and its aftermath, that have remained unarticulated within the hegemonic historiography. The various narrative-threads and the levels of transmission across space and across time are weaved together in the methodology of non-linear montage that brings together fragmented memory-scapes, highlighting the question of forgetting, as well as that of remembering.

Works: Andrea Bellu, Night Flight / Messages from Aurelia Steiner, Installation, 2016. Andrea and Matei Bellu, Daily Scenes – An Eastern Travelogue, Video, 2015. Yara Haskiel, Tsakalos Blues, 65 min, Video, 2014. Angelika Levi, Mein Leben Teil 2, 90 min, 35mm, Film, 2003. Angela Melitopoulos, Passing Drama, 66 min, Video, 1999.


Tamam Görüşürüz – Okay, see you

Kunsthalle Wien, Life‘s Finest Values, 10.4. -30. 5. 2015

Single screen installation / 90 Min

HDV, Berlin 2013, 90 min, filmic research about the social movement against gentrification as part of the rental policy campaign of Kotti & Co around the “Gecekondu” at the Kottbusser Tor in Berlin-Kreuzberg by Gülây Akın, Brigitta Kuster and Angelika Levi, in cooperation with Global Prayers, Redemption and Liberation in the City.



Collect and Disappear, single exhibition

Objects and video installations during the retrospective „ABSENT PRESENT and other films by Angelika Levi“ in the Foyer of the Cinema Arsenal, Berlin, 15.12.- 27.12.2010



Hay que gastar dinero

Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Barcelona, 3.6.-31.7. 2004
„TOUR-ISMES – La derrota de la dissensió“

Single screen installation about the working conditions of women in the tourist industries, Costa Brava, Spain.





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