Angelika Levi

Angelika Levi is a research based filmmaker and video artist, working with a range of media – particularly film material, video, audio, photography and text.

Angelika Levi’s work contains thematic lines as well as narrative structures, which have a completely own handwriting and enter into a congenial dialogue with the choice of the cinematic means which open up a space in the reception which is mainly characterized by freedom: the freedom, of circling a subject, of approaching associatively, of digressing, of pursuing secondary paths, to return to the starting point in a non-linear movement. The question is often more important than the answer, the approach, both contentally as emotionally, more productive than the fixation.

Angelika Levi’s voice leads through her filmography like a thread. The starting point of her associative worlds is direct experience. She repeatedly determines her position to ensure her own identity, to then abandon herself to the flow of imagination. She neither revolves around herself nor loses her ground. Instead, she creates a confidence allowing the viewer to freely follow the chain of associations and discern a method of social criticism in undetermined processes of perception, something which can never come to an end.

The personal aspect is not excluded, but is examined by means of an associative assembly techniques and the positioning of the personal within a political and social space as well. Each figure in Angelika Levi’s cinematic universe has preserved a stirring dignity, as one individual’s life cannot be separated from its social and personal circumstances.

Filmography Angelika Levi

Angelika Levi lives in Berlin. She studied at the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin (dffb). From 1985 on her work has been shown at international film festivals, cinemas, exhibitions and film programs. Her short film Faust auf Auge (1988) won the No Budget Video Prize Hamburg, and Desiree & Polylepis (1994) was rated “high quality” by the German Film Classification Board in Wiesbaden. My Life Part 2, her first full-length documentary, won several awards and had its premiere at the Forum / International Berlin Film Festival 2003. Children of Srikandi had its Premiere at the Panorama / International Berlin Film Festival 2012 and won also several awards. Her last work Miete Essen Seele Auf was shown in the exhibition “Wohnungsfrage” in Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, October 23th – December 14th, 2015. In addition to making her own films, Angelika Levi works as a script and dramatic advisor, lecturer and film editor. Films and videos are distributed by Arsenal Distribution – Institut for Film and Video Art.

Selected short films

Ariel, 1984, 16mm, 15 min, Co-Regie: Lilly Grote.
Sexparty, 1987, Super-8, 10min.
Faust aufs Auge, 1988 (Fist on your eye) Video, 5min, Co-Regie: Antje Schäfer.
Auf gehts. Aber wohin? (Off we go. But Where?), 1989, 16mm, 20 min.
Das kleine Objekt a (The little object a), 1991, 16mm, 30min.
Desireé & Polylepis, 1994, 35mm, 9 min.
Freunde (Friends) 1995, Super-8, 3 min.
Hay que gastar dinero (You have to spend money), 2004, Videoinstallation. Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Barcelona, 2004.

Long Films

Mein Leben Teil 2 (My life part 2), 2003, 35mm, 90 min, Berlinale / Forum 2003.
Absent Present, 2010, Digital, 85 min, Mostra Internacional de Films de Donnes, Barcelona.
Anak Anak Srikandi (Children of Srikandi), 2012, Digital, 75min, by The Children of Srikandi Collective. 62. Berlinale/ Panorama Dokumente.
Miete Essen Seele Auf (rent eats the soul), 3 channel installation for the exhibition Housing Question, in Haus der Kulturen der Welt, October 23 to December 14, 2015).
Miete Essen Seele Auf, film version (arte, 54 min, co-direction Christoph Dreher).

Selected lectures
and workshops

Documentarist, Istanbul Film festival: „Thinking Memory in concept of film“.
Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid: Lecture / Seminar: „Pedagogías críticas de la imagen“.
Kinothek Asta Nilsen, Frankfurt: “vagabonding reel to real, discontinuities- the family super-8 archiv & own super-8 films“.
Royal Academy of Arts Copenhagen: „What I see is life looking at me“- Editing Seminar.
Visionary Archive, Cinema Arsenal: „Collect and Disapear – Questions to my material from Namibia“.

Film for the “Kiezmonatschau”, Kotti is burning, 55 min;- with young refugees and migrants in the “Acadamy of Self- Taughts”, (Akademie der Autodidakten), Theater Ballhaus Naunynstraße, Berlin.
Editing of the Installation „Crossings“ by Angela Melitopoulos for documenta 14.
Teacher of dramaturgy and material development at Filmarche Berlin.
Workshop “Approaching Differences” at 17th GoEast – Film Festival of Central And Eastern European, Wiesbaden, Germany.



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